How Target Security Specialist work – Complete Overview

Target Security Specialist

In all 50 states of the US and Columbia district, Target has several stores as a merchandise retailer. Approximately 75% of the US population lives within 10 miles distance around it. Since roundabout 350,000+ team members employee hereof which target security specialist are crucial.

Under the ownership of Dayton Company, the first store opened in 1962. The hometown and headquarter is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since August 2014, Brian Cornell is the CEO. Shipt and Roundel are also included in their tenure.

If you are thinking about applying for this specific job at this significant store, you are in the most relatable spot. We have elaborated every detail you will need for making your career in this area,

What does a target security specialist do?  

They are the member of Assets Protection (AP) team. They have to provide safety to customers, teams, and products while performing in crisis events. Their job is to secure the sale with a setup process. It includes mitigating shortage risks, investigation, preventing theft and fraud.

They ensure the availability of products for the customers and guests. There are further responsibilities of their workspace and requirements regarding their job.


  1. To fulfill the needs of the guest, they offer many services and great shopping experiences.
  2. To meet the need of businesses, there are other duties they have to perform.
  3. They need to respond and report security incidents accurately with documents.
  4. By following AP procedures and policies, they have to submit applicable records in the system.
  5. For exposing high-dollar merchandise, they stop the shortage and theft. For this, diagnose receipts checkups at the front of the store
  6. They offer training to their team members. So they can apply for stock protection. Also, it is essential for audit execution.
  7. For resolving guest issues, they must understand and control the escalation tools. It offers a safe and secure environment for all working people there.
  8. To reduce the shortage in the main area, executing deficiency achievement plans under the AP leadership is also required.
  9. Asset by the AP leadership, they have to provide teaching and training to team members. It is for coping with opportunities of operational unavailability in the focus area.
  10. Working protectively with a standard setup is essential. Alongside, need to clean the area for customers and workers
  11. Representation of an environment of ethical culture, protection, and compliance is the priority.
  12. Using the video system with proper understanding and accuracy is also included in their performance.


  1. The age criteria start from 18 years or above.
  2. The communication skills must be effective.
  3. To avert unavailability, an experience of recovering the stolen stock is a must. Alongside, de-escalation skills are also required.
  4. To offer support and safety to the customers and workers while expertly managing crisis events and crowds
  5. Using intelligence-led tactics for security purpose, regarding skills are necessary.
  6. Education of a high-school diploma or something equivalent for documentation is necessary.
  7. Should know to work in both team and independently
  8. Skills of rapidly adapting and learning present technology
  9. Regarding the position, must have a legal or local license
  10. Gratitude with welcoming and making customers comfortable
  11. On an independent basis, handling the work pressure and essential tasks
  12. Using the industry case management system, skills to record and screen the cases
  13. An understanding of operating video surveillance systems is also required. It includes IT security specialists too.

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