How to create an AWS EC2 Instance?

You can create and configure an instance with AWS EC2 easily and can also set up an operating system for your instance. An instance can be considered as a virtual server in the Amazon Web Service(AWS) Cloud.  You can also say an instance is like a mini-computer that has its storage, compute capacity, RAM, and network.

Here in this tutorial, we will see how you can create your EC2 instance?

What is AWS EC2?

AWS EC2 is a compute service by AWS. It is an Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) type of service which means that the complete infrastructure is given by AWS which you can change and set up according to your needs and requirements.

EC2 offers various types of operating systems for instances such as windows, Linux, macOS, SUSE, Raspbian, etc. You can choose the operating system according to your requirements. EC2 also offers multiple instance types and they all are charged per hour based on your instance type. 

How to create an EC2 Instance?

Now we will create an EC2 instance step by step. 

1. Login to your AWS Console and search for EC2 in the search bar.

2.Open EC2 Dashboard and on the left side, you will see multiple options available for your instances.

3.On the right side, you can see the region you are working in and change it if required. After selecting your desired region navigate back to your EC2 dashboard and as we are launching our first EC2 instance, so just click on “Launch Instance” in the upper right corner.

4. Now from here, you will configure information related to your instance. In the first step, you will be asked to choose an AMI (Amazon Machine Image).

Amazon Machine Image(AMI) is the template for the operating systems. This AMI will be used to boot your instance with your desired operating system once your instance is created. 

Here we are choosing Amazon Linux AMI of 64 bit. It is available in the free tier. 

5.  Now in the next step, you will choose your instance type. Here we will choose the basic one instance which is t2.micro with 1vCPU and 1 GB memory. 


7. In the next step, you will choose how many instances you are willing to launch. Here we will launch only one instance so choose 1.         

Further, you can choose if you want a spot instance instead of on-demand. We will go with the on-demand one. So leave it unchecked. Next, you can configure your Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) and subnet or you can leave them as they are. 

You can also choose if you have any specific IAM role. 

8. Here in the next step, we will give storage to our instance. We are choosing 8 GB as it would be enough for a basic instance. You can also encrypt your storage if you want or leave it as default. 

  9.  In the next step, you can add tags for your instance.

10. Further in the security group tab, we will allow the ports to send traffic on our instance. You can choose the ports as follows. 

11. Next, review your instance and click on launch. 

12. In the next step, you will be asked for a key pair that will help you log in to your instance. Create a new pair, give it a name and download the key. Then click on launch instance.

13.  In next few seconds, your instance will be launched and you will see this on your EC2              dashboard. 

So Congratulations to you. You just launched your first EC2 instance.

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