Top Cyber Security Jobs in 2021

Cyber Security Jobs in 2021

If you are looking for an overall promising career outlook, cyber security jobs are your go-getter. Since there is a minimum number of employers in this field, so the challenge is less. Therefore, if you’re qualified, you can never go unemployed for longer.

In this field, you have to secure internet-connected systems. It involves hardware, software, and information. So in practical life, the enterprise uses several techniques. These are also used for securing data centers and computerized systems from unauthorized attacks.

Since the use of the device and its users are growing day by day. And most of this information is sensitive and confidential. Hence, the demand for this area is increasing.

Cyber Security Jobs – An Expanding Area

If you know a little about it, then you know working under this subject is very exciting. People who chase challenges and troubleshooting thrill in life, this is perfect for them.

According to BLS, the requirement of these skills like information security analysts will expand above 31% in the next ten years.

Over the past several years, this market has grown very well. Therefore, there are many options for applicants. Unfortunately, well-qualified experts number is very low today. This area contains a huge variety of many works. These start from entry-level, in between and, end on executive management.

According to ISC2, around 2.93 million entries are open in this subject all around the globe.

Education Requirements

So to pass through this force work, education is the key to the door. One of the best points to start is taking a bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity association. Another thing that plays a crucial role in this area, is certification and experience.

Some of these popular certifications an enterprise will need are;

  1. Certified Ethical Hacker
  2. Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP)
  3. Certified Information Systems Author
  4. Network+
  5. Security+
  6. Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)

Even though, these are some well-known programs you can achieve as a professional. However, there are many other options you can go for. By Luck, some employers get a job during their training session. This helps them gain new skills.

Free Learning Resources

For students who haven’t have enough money to apply for these, you can go for free online learning resources. These are best for a starter pack.

Cybrary. it

Budget-Friendly Learning Resources

Cyber Security Jobs and Federal Government

The federal government is one of the highest employers of Cybersecurity professionals. This is best for national defense. If you work under the government, they offer opportunities others don’t offer.

These are some benefits of applying for the federal government;

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long term care guarantee
  • Flexible spending accounts

Government Applicant Criteria

  • Open for everyone

As these programs are open to the public, hence every qualified citizen can apply. Non-citizens can apply through Federal Agencies with Immigration Law and Appropriations Act.

  • Veterans

People who served military and discharge duty with honor can apply. There are specific positions for veterans.

  • National Guards

Moreover, the members of national guards can also apply in the veteran’s section. However, their qualification requirements are set differently.

  • Professional executives

There is a total of five ECQs for going federal executive. If you meet five of these, you are eligible. These five are;

  1. Leading change
  2. Leading people
  3. Results-driven
  4. Business Acumen
  5. Building coalitions
  • Students

Students who graduate recently can go for it under the internship program. So the paths for opportunities are;

  • The internship program
  • The recent graduate program
  • The PMF program

Payscale Information

Flex Jobs and Skip The Drive are two websites where you can search for your respective position. Freelancing is another option for remote work.

Cyber Security Jobs Near Me

There is always a need for technicians where the technology exists. In August 2021, at Jooble, there is a total of 1,408 vacancies in every city and province.

Laimoon is another site where positions are fully given for applicants. Moreover, there are categories of Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Remote and, Freelance.

Salary Information

Recorded by CIO, the average earning of professionals is around $116,000 annually and $55.77 per hour. Location factor plays an important role.

According to PayScale, computer specialists earning is around $74,000.

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