Create two AWS IAM users

IAM ( Identity & Access Management )

Let’s create two AWS IAM users

Best practice: For AWS IAM include not using the root account but instead setting up a new user and then using separate user accounts for normal operations. Lock away the root account access in a safe manner. Professionals advised various mechanisms for securely storing sensitive, high-risk credentials.

  • Navigate to the IAM page in the AWS Console. Click on the AWS logo. Type IAM in the search box.

  • Click on “Users” on the left and then click “Add user” at the top of the screen.

Add a new user with the following settings and click “Next: Permissions”.
Note: The name of the user is EasyLearn. This is the user account you will be using in the course labs to perform actions in your AWS account. Change your password here to a password you can remember. Also, be sure a checkmark appears beside “AWS Management Console access” and
the other checkboxes are empty.

  • On the next screen, choose the last box, “Attach existing policies directly“, then select
    AdministratorAccess“, and finally click “Next: Tags.”
    Note: For more detail please visit the post …

  • Click “Next: Review“, click “Create User“, and then click “Close.”

  • Navigate to the IAM service. Click the AWS logo, search for IAM, and click on IAM.

  • Copy the IAM users sign-in link as you will log in as the new user. Customize it if you want.
    Hint: You might want to create a bookmark for this link!

  • Sign out of your AWS account.
  • Sign in to your AWS account at the URL in Step 5 with the new user credentials.

  • Navigate to the IAM service by searching for it or clicking the IAM icon.
  • Click on Users on the left or in the middle of IAM Dashboard.

Click on the username to edit the user. Note: MFA is not enabled.

  •  Click the Security Credentials tab. Click “Manage” next to Assigned MFA device.
    Follow the instructions to set up MFA. The process to add an MFA device to this user will be the same as adding MFA to the root account as we did in Secure the Root User.

Please read this article to enable the MFA for users How to Enable MFA to users

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