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    How to get started with AWS serverless?

    Serverless computing is a way of running applications and services without being worried about servers. Servers will be used but all the server management is done by the cloud provider. Also, you are charged based on your server usage. AWS Lambda,  Amazon S3, DynamoDB, Aurora, Kinesis, Fargate, and Amazon API Gateway are some of the […] More

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    How to replicate the Amazon S3 bucket using Boto3?

    Amazon Simple Storage Service provides us with object storage through a web interface. It is a scalable, secure, and widely used AWS service. Where Boto is a Python package that provides interfaces to AWS services. In this tutorial, we will see how you can replicate the Amazon S3 bucket using Boto3? Let’s start! What is […] More

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    How to create a High availability database cluster with Amazon Aurora?

    Amazon Aurora cluster has only one primary compute instance by default which performs read/write operations. We can gain high scalability and availability for database clusters by adding one or more Aurora Replicas to the cluster. Usually, we create Aurora replicas in different Availability Zones and by this, our database can work without being stopped even […] More