Self-Education Tips For Studying AWS Certified Security

AWS Certified Security

Are you about to start and want to know about the challenging certification exam? If you are thinking about becoming a specialist of AWS Certified Security, you are at the most relatable spot. Now, I’ll not necessarily talk about the basics of it. You can get them anywhere on the internet.

Maybe you come across many other tips and tricks for exams and learning it easy. But in this article, I have talked about some most useful tips gathered from over 15 years of experienced experts.

However, these will not replace the security learning path. You have to go through that first. These are just sideway paths for learning details for your understanding. It provides the places of focus, preparation time with training and documentation.

  1. Become Paranoid

When you get recognized as being security expertise, your consideration of worst-case scenarios is always demanded. That’s why; you always have to come with responses that contain solutions. Solutions that can drive away the best extent of security are mandatory.

And for less, they should cover every extent of the threat. You may face some tricky exam questions like; what’s the most economical option? Or what’s the simplest way?

It is always recommended to deliver the answers that include solving the problem. It doesn’t matter if it is the best level security viewpoint.

  1. Create Identity & Access Management (IAM) Policies

If you make your account of AWS, it doesn’t matter whichever it is, including IAM should be your priority. It is the first service that is now used to hand over the command to the AWS resources globally.

So if you work in such a field, this is the most important service element to configure. It is a must for students to learn about policy evaluation logic and elements of IAM policies.

  1. Encircle Encryption

If you know a little about this subject, you know data security improves by encryption. It is always at the back of the mind of every expert to encrypt the vulnerable data. Hence, you will never encounter questions on the Amazon S3 bucket like either to encrypt the data or not.

However, they will ask your desired place to locate that encrypted information. Or they will require the key management solutions.

  1. Security Groups vs. Network Access Control Lists (NACLs)

One of the most critical things in a cloud environment is network security. And, no doubt, the market is full of such tools that prevent issues. For this area, there are two that are significant. These are Security Groups and NACLs.

To improve the exam grades, you must know the difference, features, and use cases.

  1. Master The Incident’s Respond

You must distinguish that security engineers are the monitor of deploying and configuring the tools. These are for preventing the intruder’s attack on the system. However, they are always required to be in charge of detecting and responding to incidents.

This includes allowing detective capabilities and limiting access to only authentic services.

  1. Know About AWS Certified Security Services

In the market, there are several services. Each of them works on a specific area of use case. This allows choosing between any to grow the safety posture.

It is not ma mandatory to become professional in all of them. But learning about their features, consumer benefits, and use cases is a must.

  1. Get Your Hands Dirty

“Practice makes a man perfect” works in every field. You can master every skill by performing it while educating alongside. You have to test your capacity in a practical environment. You have to encounter the service features eye to eye.

That’s why made the AWS account and explore everything with a free tier. You can use the qwiklabs provided labs to learn and practice.

  1. Time Management

Even though, during the AWS security exam, you will get plenty of time to read and understand every question. For delivering responses to 65 questions, you will give 170 minutes. You can divide the same for each of them.

However, some are complex than others and take more time. So, start with the easy one that has a good grip on. Perform quick answers and the move to trick ones that you need time to review on.

It doesn’t matter if you recognize nothing about a few of them; you have to respond to all of them. There is always a chance of a good guess with the right penalties.

What do you think?

Written by DANN N


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